What It Is About

[Rated: ADULT]

A marriage isn’t merely a union of two people; it is also a union of the secrets they hold. Some of these secrets, when unraveled could result in conflict and, perhaps, even chaos. When Maya married Bhaskar, her second marriage, despite her best judgment, little did she know what bottomless pit she was plunging herself into.

Bhaskar Sadachari was a stranger to Maya’s world, a man thoroughly despised for his appearance and his odd mannerisms. Reluctant to even be with him in the same room at first, Maya slowly thaws and becomes more accepting of his presence. She still sees his unappealing face, his piercing eyes, his intolerable body odor, but for some inexplicable reason, she feels drawn towards him, till such a point that she finds return impossible.

At the same time, the atmosphere outside is grim. There are kidnappings going on. People are being brutally killed, cut open and feasted upon. An unknown assailant is at large.

Drawn like a moth to a candle flame, Maya accepts Bhaskar’s proposal. And, just like that, her life changes. She moves from the comfortable home of her mother to an unknown land with a man she doesn’t know much about. Everyone is skeptical about Bhaskar, but Maya retains her faith.

How Maya fights her inner demons and overcomes them forms the crux of the story. Maya’s New Husband is a bold story for bold people, slotted in the horror-thriller genre. It is about vulnerabilities, both physical and mental, and how characters either succumb to them or come out of them.

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