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Neil D’Silva is a teacher by profession, editor by vocation, and writer by passion. He considers all his attributes to be the means to an end, which is authoring a book that might one day be remembered as ‘that game-changing book Neil D’Silva wrote’. As an author, he made his debut with Maya’s New Husband, a tale of the vilest horror imaginable, and soon wrote The Evil Eye and the Charm, a collection of three short stories about the Indian lemon-chili charms. In addition, he periodically puts up stories on his website, all in different genres but common in the way they make people think beyond the words ‘The End’.

He is also the occasional cook, though his culinary experiments are only enjoyed by his little family of his wife Anita and two children, Gilmore and Felicia. He travels when his schedule and finances permit him, each of these journeys helping him hone his writing style. Always on the lookout for plot bunnies, Neil D’Silva is more like a human sponge who absorbs experiences and observations around him and then squeezes them out into this writing. He usually has this unspoken disclaimer for people he meets: “Be careful, or you’ll end up being eaten by bugs or something in my next book.”

Speaking of his next books, he is working furiously on Sapna’s Bad Connection, a psycho-horror tale with e-haunting as its theme. He has also prepared the initial manuscript for Bugfeast, a horror-comedy, which will go to the editing desk soon. At the same time, he has stories submitted to at least three anthologies, all of which are expected to be out sometime this year. He is also known for Micro Horror Chronicles, a short horror fiction collection that is slowly gaining its presence under the sun.

Connect with him on Facebook (neilvalentinedsilva) or Twitter (@NeilDSilva, @MayasNewHusband) or email him at A courteous reply from him is always assured.

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    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest in Sapna’s Bad Connection. I have already written the first draft of the manuscript, but am presently busy with Maya’s New Husband 2: The Birth of the Death, which is due to release earlier. SBC is quite close to my heart, and I’d like to work on it a bit more before releasing it. Thank you once again!

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