Serialized Stories

These are episodic stories written by Neil D’Silva. Each of these stories are divided in parts, ranging from two to seven. Like of the author’s other works, they delve into the disturbed psyche of the human mind, often shedding light on new revelations and parts of the psyche that was perhaps unexplored before.

Following a huge fight, Grandma leaves home with a suitcase. No one knows what its contents are, but they are decidedly dearmost to her heart.
Caution # 1: Never stop on a strange road. Caution # 2: Never weep about your woes to a stranger.
Hank Greenhorn hates Christmas, so much so that he spoils everyone’s Christmas. It takes a strange intervention to make him mend his ways. This is an out-of-the-ordinary Christmas parable for children and adults alike.
A thirteen-year old boy is introduced to his next-door neighbor, Marlena, who ignites passions in him that he had never known before.















A photographer brings a strange but extraordinarily beautiful woman home. Slowly, he begins to realize this is not going to be as enjoyable a ride as he hoped it to be.
A devout young woman, abducted by a mysterious stranger, finds her faith tested.
A brother, living under the shadow of his older brother, discovers an ancient family curse, and uses it to his advantage.

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