Short Stories

Here are stories that you could read in one bite, but the taste they leave in your mouth will last forever. Find here some unforgettable short stories written by Neil D’Silva on different themes, ranging from the highly optimistic to the very dark.


A man brings a child home as a noble gesture. Then hell boils over.
Mercy Gleeson hasn’t overcome the loss of her boyfriend last year. But, this Valentine’s Day, he shows up at her door up in a tux, with a bouquet of white orchids.
An over-burdened daughter comes to her father with a strange request, that she wants to be born again. But is rebirth the solution, even if it were possible?
A wounded war soldier meets another in his final moments, and a strange comradeship is struck.















Julie loves him unconditionally and would do anything for him. She lives in the hope that he’d respond someday in some measure too.
A superstar has achieved everything he wanted. It is time for his final performance, a performance that he feels would make history.
Death comes with silent feet and spares no one. But what if one were to change its course, change the very destiny of death?
Parker Greene is dying. But as he dies, a shocking revelation awaits him.




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