My Beach Writing Vacation — A Self-Challenge to Complete a Novel in 7 Days

(12 July 2018 – 19 July 2018)

A Writing Challenge to Myself

Hi folks! For those who just came in, I am Neil D’Silva. But of course you know that! This is my site, and here I am going to talk about a writing challenge that I have imposed upon myself.

Come tomorrow, I am embarking on a very special writing journey. Leaving the usual distractions behind, I am setting out on a journey to one of Goa’s secluded beach destinations to write my next novel. The novel is mostly outlined and all the main characters and plot points are in place; now all I have to do is breeze my way through it!

Consider it my self-challenge or, rather, a goal. Will I be able to finish writing my manuscript in 7 days? Come on, cheer me up already, guys!

The Location

I am headed to Calangute Beach in Goa to kickstart my novel! From there, I shall move on to other places. Pics shall follow.

Why Goa, some people might ask. But does that even need to be asked? I was looking for a place that was away from the usual trappings of routine life and at the same time not so far removed that I’d have to struggle for my basic needs. Goa fits the bill most perfectly. Listening to those lashing waves as I write promises to be pure bliss. I can almost hear the waves telling me my story.

And Calangute has a special connection for me. It was in Calangute Beach Residency four years ago that the plot of my debut novel Maya’s New Husband popped into my head. I am a romantic at the heart of it all, and the entire idea of going back to where it all began knocks me silly.

Read the story behind the story of Maya’s New Husband here.

The Plan

To accomplish my writing challenge, I am allotting myself 8-10 hours per day to write. I will break that into three slots — morning, afternoon, night. I expect the first manuscript to be around 75,000 words, which would be around 7,500 words a day. Quite doable.

As I mentioned, I have the story planned out already. I have to write it now. Of course I will see problems with my outline as I write, but I intend to repair them as I go ahead.

To keep away from the continued stress of writing, I plan to read, have my fill of the wonderful Goan food, visit its old churches and museums, buy trinkets from the markets of Mapusa and Anjuna (special note to get those Indonesian Black kretek cigarettes), indulge in a bit of the nightlife, and, of course, do my daily quota of exercise. Exercising on the beach—now that’s something to really look forward to!

Will You Cheer Me on?

Follow my progress as I keep updating my blog on my writing challenge every day. I shall be making 7 diary posts for the 7 days.

Also, look out for tomorrow’s first diary post where I reveal the working title of the novel. To all my fans and casual readers, this is some really wonderful stuff coming up! Based on a supernatural folklore concept of South India. Totally warrants staying in seclusion and writing this horror story.

Ooh, now I think of it… I’ll be all alone by the sea and writing a horror story. Sounds like the kind of fun I need!

Stay tuned. Until tomorrow. Be well and honor by the sword.


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2 thoughts on “My Beach Writing Vacation — A Self-Challenge to Complete a Novel in 7 Days

  1. Super Sir ji! We’ll follow your blog!
    And whoop! A 75000 novel in 7 days! Is that going to be a kind of record?

    1. Thank you for following! Will keep me motivated. I hope to finish the manuscript, which I am quite pepped up to write. It’s quite a strong story that just needs to be told. Will see about records later 🙂

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