Events and Workshops

With his wide experience as a teacher and author, Neil D’Silva is regularly invited to facilitate workshops and judge events across the country.

He speaks on various topics centered on the craft of writing and the publishing industry. Being a teacher, he also has a strong leaning towards speaking on youth-oriented topics.



Neil D’Silva was a prominent speaker at Litventure 2015 and 2016. He had an hour-long segment on writing Indian horror with reference to his book Maya’s New Husband.

Neil D’Silva giving the keynote address at Litventure 2015.


Apart from this, he has been invited to speak at the following events:

  1. A talk with members of the Bangalore Writers’ Workshop where he was invited to talk about marketing and promoting books for aspiring authors.
  2. A discussion on writing and publishing in India at The Writers’ Perspectives, an event organized by the Indore-based community, Rising Litera.
    Receiving a handcrafted memento at The Writers’ Perspectives by Rising Litera, Indore.


  3. A panel discussion titled Enriching Minds 2015 at Mumbai’s Ruia College with other celebrities from the world of arts.
  4. A talk with the Book Exchange Club on horror writing, hosted by StoryMirror.
  5. A talk with members of the Mumbai Book Club to talk on horror writing and publishing in India.
  6. Several events such as talks, discussions, workshops, judging competitions, etc. for students and teachers of Children’s Academy on reading and creative writing.
    Conducting a creative writing workshop for students of Children’s Academy, Mumbai.


  7. As organizer, planner, and judge for the esteemed Late Shri V. V. Bhat Memorial Trophy Competitions, an interschool event hosted by Children’s Academy since 2010.
  8. A lecture on the importance of reading for the teachers of the Fazlani High School, hosted by the charitable Aishabai Trust Foundation.
  9. To conduct a workshop on Horror Writing at N M College during Rotofest 2016 college festival.
    With the enthusiastic students of NM College after the Rotofest workshop.


  10. To judge Spin It Off, a fanfic writing contest at Mithibai College during #YuvaHashtag 2017.
  11. As a conductor of a workshop titled Make Money Writing to speak about his freelance writing career. This was an event organized by
  12. As a facilitator for a workshop titled Write and Publish Your Book NOW organized by SheThePeople.TV at the Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan.
    On stage with co-facilitator Sonia Rao for SheThePeople’s workshop Write and Get Published Now.


  13. As a speaker at The Immersive Project, a venture of Kaffeinated Konversations in Indore. The event was widely mentioned in press, including The Times of India, Indore Edition.
  14. As a facilitator for a workshop for B.Ed. teachers on the topic How Reading Can Change Your Life. This workshop was conducted by the Aishabai Charitable Trust and was attended by over 40 teachers from all over Mumbai schools.
  15. As a facilitator for a Horror Writing Workshop organized by the publishers Half Baked Beans. The event was attended by aspiring writers of the horror genre.



To invite Neil D’Silva for to facilitate a workshop of judge an event in your institution, contact him here.