Bound in Love


Bound in Love is a collection of eight stories on the dark side of human relationships. They talk of love in its different shades, some conventional and some not so conventional. Topics like difficult relationships with parents, love amidst poverty, love for someone who is destined to die, erotic BDSM love in a medieval setting, are handled with great sensitivity in these stories.

Though the stories are miles apart from each other in terms of their settings and tone, there is one common thread that binds them — that being in love is never an easy thing.


No Chocolate For You! – The story of a mother who tries to protect her son from the suspicious overtures of an uncle.

The Shoe that Didn’t Fit – The story of a man in a strange city who falls in love with his colleague, and decides to go to any lengths to obtain her affections.

No Greater Charm – The story of a fortune-teller who falls in love with a man who is destined to die soon.

The Other Face of Love – The story of a difficult relationship between an overprotective and insecure mother and an ambitious son.

At the Next Stop – The story of a bus journey during which a man comes across a strange couple who seem to be madly in love.

New Wine, Old Bottle – The story of a young actress married with a veteran actor who is older than her father.

The Lion and the Queen – The story of a mythical queen who is taken captive by a stronger army, and falls in forbidden love with the general.

In addition, Bound In Love also features The Makeover, Neil D’Silva’s highly-acclaimed story that was originally featured in the UnBound eMagazine.


Bound in Love hit #1 on Hot New Releases in the short stories category shortly after its release. It has peaked on #1 position in the Bestsellers list for short stories.


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