Pishacha is a paranormal-romance story steeped in Indian mythology.

A flesh-eating demon called Pishacha is in love with Neetika, a human woman. They are ages apart. The Pishacha has come from centuries ago, while Neetika is a modern woman, and most of all, she is already in love with a man named Yug. However, the Pishacha is relentless in his quest of Neetika, and to meet that end, he will leave no stone unturned.

When it hits him that the only way to gain Neetika’s love would be to become human like her, he embarks on a murderous mission that involves fighting against beasts, giants, witch-mothers, holy men, and even God Himself.

Hidden in all of this is a long-buried secret that will shatter the lives of everyone, human or demon.

Neil D’Silva’s Pishacha zips seamlessly between history, mythology, and contemporary romance, while painting everything with generous doses of horror.

And yes, watch out for a very special cameo that comes up in the least expected of places.


Pishacha was highly praised by readers and critics from all over the world. It stands at a solid 4.5 on Amazon currently.

The book reached #1 on Amazon.in Hot New Releases in the horror category and has peaked at #2 in the Amazon.in Bestsellers (horror) category.

The book has been widely spoken about in the press as well.


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