Right Behind You

Right Behind You is a collection of 13 horror stories. These stories are from various sources, but mostly from real-life experiences and legends. The book is a wonderful way to look at Neil D’Silva’s versatile styles of writing horror, as in this one book you will find stories that lend themselves to supernatural horror, gore, comic noir, fantasy horror, and also a story that plays out entirely on an online chat.


Right Behind You: The Stories

The following are brief synopses of the 13 stories in the book.

  • Night of the Teen Mundi

    A three-headed witch stalks the city and knocks on houses, killing entire families of whoever opens the door. Based on a real Mumbai legend of the mid-90s.

  • The Man in the Ceiling

    A teenage boy is convinced there is a ghostly entity living in the walls of his new house. Goaded by his younger brother, he decides to take a drastic step to get rid of the entity.

  • The Beggar’s Hand

    A woman refuses alms to a leprous beggar. Little did she know that she would have to pay him with dire consequences.

  • Tap Tap Tap

    A boy mischievously taps on the coffin of a dead man, which triggers a horrible legend.

  • Old-Fashioned

    A pair of twin siblings haven never met their biological parents. They decide to meet them for the first time when they are 23, but they have no inkling who — or what — their parents actually are.

  • Mani’s Masterpiece

    A foreman has just finished the construction of a new swanky mall, built on what was empty land. And then he hears that every blow made to the breast of Mother Earth claims a horrific sacrifice.

  • The Death Drum

    A woman is convinced that the blue water drum her husband has brought home contains the spirit of a dead boy.

  • Soap

    Hostel roomies find a strange bar of soap in the bathroom. Each of them believes that the stinking pile of garbage belongs to the other person.

  • The Scar

    A serial rapist-killer is on his deathbed. He decides to confess his sins to his estranged son, little knowing that it could have bizarre consequences.

  • Those Chappals from Hell!

    A pair of chappals mysteriously appear in a middle-aged man’s house. Even as he tries to get rid of the accursed object, he does not know he is only drawing himself in.

  • The Icebox

    A man’s wife goes missing. Police are on the lookout, but to no avail. Maybe because they fail to look in the most obvious place.

  • Spawn

    A mysterious man makes a young woman pregnant, and turns her life into hell. Quite literally.

  • The Midnight Chat

    A harmless chat between two people living in different countries invokes a powerful supernatural entity with disastrous results.

The story The Death Drum from the book has been acquired to be a part of an anthology movie. It will be one of the six shorts in the movie featuring top-notch Indian actors.


Right Behind You: The Promo


Right Behind You: Book Links

Right Behind You is available online at the following places:

In paperback on Pustakmandi and StoryMirror

As an eBook on Amazon

Also available on the Readify app.


Right Behind You is also available in selected bookstores across India.