The Evil Eye and The Charm

The Evil Eye and the Charm is a collection of six short stories. The stories are an analysis of the age-old debate between science and superstition. While raising questions like “Why have superstitions existed over the centuries if they are not true?” and “Can everything really be explained by science?”, the book leaves the interpretations of the stories open to the readers.

The stories are told using the metaphor of the Indian nimboo-mirchi (lemon-chili) charm. It is almost customary among Hindus to hang this charm outside their offices and homes and even vehicles. The belief is that it wards off evil.

There is an interesting story behind the charm itself. It is said that Goddess Alakshmi (the Hindu Goddess of Adversity) has a special fondness for sour and spicy tastes. Since the lemon-chili charm is a mix of both, Alakshmi feasts on the charm outside the home or office itself, and goes away. Thus, Adversity is prevented from entering the establishment.

However, like hundreds of superstitions that abound in India, this one has several theories too, and almost no scientific justification. The stories are an interesting way to get to know this better.


A Grave Situation: An infant has been possessed and there is only one way to save her life.

Last Juice: A young man decides to test fate by mocking a nimboo-mirchi talisman.

Chain Reaction: Strange spots appear on a child’s body, the result of a deadly curse.

Kachcha Limboo: A young boy hates his elder brothers and decides to take revenge.

The Locked Box: An old man narrates a blood-chilling tale to his grandkids.

The Long Drive: A taxi ride with three strange women turns into a terrifying midnight journey.


The Evil Eye and the Charm hit #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases in the horror category shortly upon its release. It has peaked on #1 in the Bestsellers horror category.

It has a 4+ star rating on both Amazon and Goodreads.

The first story of The Evil Eye and the Charm, titled A Grave Situation, has been adapted into a short film.


The eBook is available on Amazon.

Check this link for paperback copies.

It is also available on the mobile reading app Readify.




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