Meenakshi is a simple girl growing up in a village near Kolhapur. When she reaches 13 years, she realizes a horrific fact about herself — that there is an entity living within her. She is still coming to terms with all her biological and physical changes, and this is when the truth of her alter ego strikes her hard, and she knows this entity to be a supernatural being.

But, this is not the most horrific thing she realizes. She realizes something that is more dastardly — the ugliness of the world, in the form of leering lecherous men that seem to be all around her.

Isn’t this the truth of every girl at that age?

Meenakshi has a weapon though, her inner being. Her alter ego. The Yakshini.

And she unleashes the Yakshini upon the men who try to take advantage of her.

Until, the time comes when there is one man she really wants to love. But the Yakshini has become thirsty for male blood now. Will she let that man she truly loves go? Or will she gouge his innards too, the way she has done with all the other men who have crossed Meenakshi’s path in the past?


Sample Chapters

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Yakshini hit Amazon.in Horror Hot New Releases #1 within two days of its release. It also reached #1 position in the Amazon India Horror category, giving it the status of Amazon Bestseller.


Yakshini is available as paperback on Pustakmandi.

It is available as an eBook over Amazon.