Maya knew she was lying down, but something was not quite right about it. She couldn’t turn her head and see where she was. She tried to flail her arms around, but they didn’t obey her. She attempted to kick her limbs in the air, anything to get out of this position, but they wouldn’t move either. A horrible thought entered her half-conscious mind — was she dead?

Her attempt to open her eyes wide failed; all she could see was a blurred vision of the scene right in front of her. Her gaze was fixed straight up, skyward; and even then, she could not see the sky. What she could see was a bright light — a luminescence so bright that it hurt her eyes and she shut them again.

She realized she had to free herself somehow. With this in mind, she made a feeble attempt to move her body, trying to press her back against the surface she lay on. The body wiggled ever so slightly, and it was then that she discovered she was naked. But, why was she naked? She didn’t have any memory of abandoning her clothes.

Then, as she tried to push herself on the surface, hoping to find a fulcrum to increase her effort, she realized there was no surface. There was nothing holding her. She was floating on something abstract. Maybe she was indeed dead, and this was just her soul floating upwards, nothing more.

Then she heard a voice — Are you still there, bitch?

The words were harsh and lashed at her like a whip. If she were really dead, she wasn’t going to heaven. That much was certain.

The menacing voice grew louder.

Wake up!

There will be no fun if you are passed out like that.

And there was another slap.

Even in her half-conscious state, she felt the full impact of the slap. It roused her out of her sluggishness. She was fully awake now. The slap had landed right across her cheek, and it stung like the sting of a dozen bees.

Her floating had been a nightmare. People are usually relieved when they wake up from a nightmare and realize that their agony was merely a bad dream. But, in Maya’s case, her nightmare of being dead was nothing compared to her reality of being alive.

Memories of what had happened to her over the past few hours came dancing into her mind. That groping in the dark, that fumbling for a light switch, that gruesome discovery and finally being captured by who was probably the most dangerous man she had ever known or heard about.

It came to her — being stripped and being tied to the floor; and the imagination of the things he would probably do with her now made her pass out once again.

Read on for Chapter 1 of Maya’s New Husband

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