Here is a glimpse into the stories that make up The Evil Eye and The Charm.EEandC (withMNH)

A Grave Situation

A child does not stop crying. A lady suggests the influence of the evil eye. The father will have to do something against his conviction to help his daughter. He steps out to do it, but…

Last Juice

A Manchester-educated son returns home and mocks his mother’s traditional ways. Neither of them sees the other’s point of view. One day, the son steps on something his mother would have disapproved of. And he takes this as an opportunity to teach his mother a lesson in rational thinking…

Chain Reaction

A boy plays with something, much against the advice of a terribly-afflicted beggar man. Soon, strange marks begin to appear on the boy’s body. As his situation worsens and medicine fails, a rock star sadhu baba’s services are enlisted…

Stories coming up soon!

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