Horrors d’Oeuvres (Batch 3)

More from the hot horrific oven.











Read the previous installments here:

Horrors d’Oeuvres (Batch 1)

Horrors d’Oeuvres (Batch 2)


If these horrors d’oeuvres set your appetite right, go here for the full buffet! Check out these full-length novels and short-story collections from the author.

Maya’s New Husband

The Evil Eye and the Charm

Bound in Love


4 thoughts on “Horrors d’Oeuvres (Batch 3)

  1. Sir, a brilliant and clever job.
    Huge fan of your works.
    I tried one myself, inspired by your series.
    When alive, he traded his work with authors.
    When dead, accidents take credit of his work.
    Professionally, its still the same with ‘Ghost’.

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